Our Process

Made by us.  Made to order.

It’s rare for brands to have their clothing manufactured in the US, and it’s even more rare for them to make it themselves.  We design, cut, sew, package, and ship all products to-order under one roof.

Ethical. Authentic. Reduced waste.

1- Fabric

All of our fabrics are sourced right here in the USA. We build relationships with suppliers to carefully select blends that are both comfortable & durable, and colors that can pair with varied looks to match your unique style.

2- Cutting

As orders are placed, we group common products and colors to organize our in-house production runs. These “batches” move orders seamlessly through our manufacturing process and allow us to minimize waste by only cutting what’s needed to fill orders. Our cutters layer the fabric needed, find the correct pattern, and lay out each “piece of the puzzle” to be sure our sewers have everything they need. Once all of the pieces are ready, they’re once again batched and brought over to sewing.

3- Sewing

Each item that leaves our door is made start to finish by people who care. As fabric cuts make it to their sewing stations, the two-part process begins. One sewer completes the first half of the garment – the main stitches and seams – before being handed off to a second sewer to add the finishing touches – hems, logo, and inside size tags.

4- Quality Check

By the time your order is ready to ship it will have passed through 3 points of inspection: one check after each step of production is performed. We’re proud of the fact that our clothing is made under one roof, and we stand behind each item we create.

5- Shipping

Once finished items are brought to shipping, we have been able to track that specific garment through our cut & sew process and designate it as yours. The clothing is then folded neatly, slid into protective plastic, and packaged with TLC. A quality product deserves quality presentation, and we strive for that with every order we send out.