The Ultimate Trail & Post-Workout Snacks

Spring has officially sprung and this is the season for getting outside to enjoy outdoor adventures. I suggest mapping out your wilderness nutrition prior to going on a long hike when your body needs quality food more than ever.



During the week, I train my muscles doing HITT workouts aka weighed repetitive movement + cardio. These workouts strengthen my body for when I’m outside climbing mountains in the Adirondack region. It’s important to me that I take care of my body during the week and feed it quality food so I have the energy to push my body when it counts.

Post-workout is a critical time for your body to rebuild and rest. After the gym, I come home and blend a quick protein shake to boost my body’s ability to regroup. The protein that I’ve been loving is the Chocolate Fortifying powder by Millennium Blend ( This protein is designed to be easily digested and assist with muscle recovery. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate because it’s great blended with black iced coffee or with a banana for an extra potassium kick.



If I’m out all day and on the trail, I avoid the questionable “healthy” bars you’ll find at the store, I opt for higher quality protein bars. The ones I eat and highly suggest are Whey Too Good Protein ( These come in flavors like birthday cake, blueberry, vanilla and brownie. Freeze at night and throw into your pack’s pocket for an easy snack that you can eat while walking. This is made with a similar protein that is easily digestible and keeps my energy up.



Another favorite that I have on the trail is to bring a snack bag with mixed nuts. These provide healthy fats and energy to get through a long hike, they also can be mildly salty which tastes incredible when you’ve worked up an appetite.

There's plenty to consider besides simply grabbing a Cliff bar or a bottle of water when planning your weekend hike. You will need to factor the length of stay, what you need to carry within a pack, and if cooking supplies are necessary. Once you’ve determined what your adventure will be then you can begin preparing the necessary basics to bring!


What are your favorite trail or post gym workout snacks?

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Guest Writer, Liz Prairie @lizprairie