Don't Settle When It Comes To Yoga Pants

Not all yoga pants are created equal. We put an emphasis on "create" because that's where it all begins.  Fit and fabric is what makes a yoga pant great or makes a yoga pant horrible.  We've solved all the yoga pant problems by making all of ours in our very own in-house factory. Here's what we do:


We choose the best fabrics.

Every single day we are are either developing the very best fabrics or on the hunt for the very best fabrics.  Our fabrics are thick, totally opaque, and make you feel "held in."  You don't have to worry about durability as our fabrics are also resistant to pilling and fade.


We never settle on a design until the fit is perfect.

We test our samples over and over until the fit accomplishes everything we are looking for.  Our yoga pants are high waisted with a constructed non-slip waistband. We have also developed stitching that is resistant to the ever annoying "waistband rolling."



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