Do It For The Views.

A hiker’s guide to the best in upstate New York.
Hi Guys! Stephanie here, GTS Clothing Ambassador, spin instructor, coffee enthusiast, and aspiring hiker.  I am happy to share with you what I have explored over the last year. I hope this will inspire your own adventures, pointing you in the right direction to some truly beautiful places that upstate New York has to offer (besides being the home of the amazing GTS Clothing). Here is a little peak into some of the best day hikes to check out, along with what to pack, and of course, what to wear!
In 2017, I dove into hiking with my sister and friends and realized how much I really enjoyed it. Before tackling any 46ers, (Adirondack 46 High Peaks), I wanted to begin my journey in the Lake George hiking area, starting with Buck Mountain. This was a perfect first hike, because it’s only a few hours start to finish, and the views were amazing! It was a bit chilly (April), so layers were necessary. The Apex legging was a perfect choice! Also the sound of little creeks and water falls were a pleasant touch. Once we reached the summit it felt great, and immediately I started thinking to myself, “what one will be next?!” – I was already hooked!
Now it was July, and I wanted to head up to Keene Valley and we decided to do Cascade and Porter mountains, (two of the ADK 46ers).  I figured we might as well do both since you can loop right over to Porter from Cascade and head down. It was the perfect way to start my 46er  challenge! It was a nice day trip, no intense pack was needed beside the usual energy snacks and lots of water. I wore my matte liquid leggings- perfect material for warm days to have a nice breathable fabric on.   It was a little overcast, but the view from the summit was visible and lovely. I definitely recommend doing this one, it’s a must!
In September, we knew the foliage would be amazing up north, so we did a hike I had heard a lot of hype about and wanted to check out. It was by far the most beautiful view I have ever seen. This one is called Indian Head, which looks out to the Ausable Lakes in Keene Valley. The beautiful colors of the trees were breathtaking and the weather in late September was perfection. This was a longer loop, but the elevation wasn’t too awful. Moderate at best. Worth every step!
Our last hike of the season was back in Lake George area, we hiked Sleeping Beauty in October. Thinking we may have missed the prime foliage- we were excited and surprised to learn it was still in peak season, and in my opinion, the best time to hike! It was a nice shorter beginner hike, however there are a few different loop choices making it longer or shorter depending on what you were looking to get into. 

That was the finale of my 2017 hiking adventure. I’m excited to see where 2018 is going to take me! Hopefully reaching outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself, as I love to do.  To sum up this year, I’ve learned to bring layers, stay hydrated, and have comfortable footwear. Also, staying well-nourished throughout your day is paramount to having an enjoyable experience. Also, it’s important to hike with a partner or group (don’t go alone!), and be sure to take pictures of all the glory that nature offers. I hope this article was helpful if you’ve been on the fence about going into the woods. It’s not scary!  Broaden your horizons and have some fun with it. I hope to see you all in the ADK’s!


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