3 Secrets to Posting Pics Like a Pro, Using Only Your iPhone

You don’t need a camera man and professional lighting to take better pictures for Instagram. In the world of filters and photoshop our designer, and voice behind our own instagram page, Kelly, is giving you all the secrets and tricks to take your blurry, pixelated photos from “bleh” to brilliant.

Getting an instagram worthy photo is not easy. Especially if you find yourself traveling down the dark road of comparison. We have all done it - scrolled so far down the popular page you almost start to believe that everyone else’s lives are pretty and polished except for you own. Well, before we ever let that happen again, let’s just remind ourselves that these days no one is showing you the crap. They’re only showing you the highlight reel. Most of these photos have been facetuned and photoshopped with a couple filters slapped on top. That's not to say it is a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to express ourselves through beautiful photos and creating an instagram feed that is visually pleasing. Heck, I’m over here doing that for a living! But, it shouldn't be that complicated! I’m giving you all the secrets to getting a waaayyy better photo with nothing more then your iPhone.


    If your indoors try to go by a window to get some natural light. And if your outdoors on a really sunny day, find some shade. Direct sunlight can be harsh and cause dramatic shadows. The better lighting you have, the less editing you have to do. Dark photos tend to lose resolution and we’re trying to look professional here, so avoid shooting in dimly lit environments


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      We’ve all done it. Recorded a video then took a screenshot of the perfect moment to get a picture. The problem with this is your photo is always going to be blurry and pixelated. No matter how much you use the sharpen picture your always going to be starting with a sub par image. Instead, download a good self timer app and use the main lens. My favorite is app Camera Awesome. It has features like self timers and interval shooting so you can take endless images every couple seconds. Bonus: It saves all your images in the app so you're not clogging up your storage space on your phone.

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      #3 LESS IS MORE

        Just because there’s the option, doesn’t mean you have to take it. Seriously, c h i l l with the editing! If you followed the first two tips, you should be starting off with a pretty decent photo. When you're editing your photo try to enhance what is already there, not change the whole thing. My absolute favorite photo editing app is Snapseed. First thing I do to every picture is level it off. (One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone takes a picture of the ocean and the horizon isn’t straight!) Next, I will do some minor tune ups to the photo like adjusting the brightness and contrast. My favorite feature of this app is the selective editing tool. It lets you adjust small areas at a time like a dark corner or overly bright area. Finally. I might sharpen it a tinyyyyy bit, just to make it more crisp.


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        If you follow us on instagram you know we LURVE to #regram photos of our customers. Now, put your new found photography skills to the test and snap a pic in your latest GTS threads. Be sure to tag @GTSClothing!

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