The Apex Legging Turns 3

This week we are celebrating the 3 year anniversary for the release of our Apex Leggings. It all started in July 2015. We had just started sewing our own clothing in-house early that year, and were only 6 months into the manufacturing/design game. At the time, with a very limited selection, we did not have the ability to design and make a full line. However, our designs and manufacturing were getting better by the month. Also, the benefits of sewing clothing ourselves was clear. We had a free reign of design and were able to control quality, but above all else, we could think up a product idea and bring it to life within 2 weeks!!!! To bring a product to life in this industry normally takes about 6 months, sometimes more. We knew we were on to something.


In the first week of July 2015, we went to NYC for a tradeshow to discover new fabrics. It was all very new to us. At the same time, we discovered another tradeshow for brands to display future products. Many top brands were there: Toms, Freepeople, Alo, Beyond Yoga, Alternative, and so on.. Immediately, we wanted to check it out and admire the products being displayed. The only problem? We had to be a registered buyer of a store to attend. But that didn’t stop us! We created a story/alias and got in. Time was spent walking up and down the aisles and that’s when it was noticed that EVERYONE was going for a racer stripe look. Whether it was around the ankles or on the thighs, it seemed to be on trend. We weren’t able to browse for long before we were approached by tradeshow staff and kicked out. They caught on and realized we were a brand ourselves, not a buyer. I was the only one who got caught and kicked out. Kelly (our brand designer) managed to stay under the radar. 


We arrived back at the shop the next day and immediately started thinking up a product idea for racer stripes. After making numerous samples and designs, we finally thought up the idea to make our stripes out of mesh. Boom! That was it. We had our product designed, made, and ready for sale within 2 weeks. As I mentioned before, brands typically have to design a product 6+ months ahead of time. So, we saw the trend at the tradeshow and used our in-house manufacturing to beat everyone else to market! The rest is history! It was put out for release, and we immediately received a big response. Our Apex Leggings went on to be the number one selling product for a year straight, and put our brand on the map. The popularity was even able to attract wearers such as Danica Patrick, Kaitlyn Bristow, and Bethany Frankel.


This week is all about celebrating our Apex Leggings and the adventures you take them on. We appreciate everyone who has joined our journey and stuck around through the highs and lows.

Journey on,



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