Speed Is Everything

If you don't know by now, all of our clothing is not just made in the USA but it's made by us.  That means we design, sample, cut, sew and ship all under one roof.  Our process is so unique that we can walk out of the office where this blog is being written and watch your orders being made.  Where else can you watch your clothing be made? 

This is all possible because of speed.  Our manufacturing process is so fast that it gives us a platform to adapt to trends and popular styles by the day!  When our team sees which styles you like, we want to bring you more of it...and fast!  On the flip side, we might put out a style that doesn't end up being popular and that's okay.  We just want to be able to go back to the drawing board right away to design something that you will love.

GTS Clothing

Another advantage to speed is that we make all of our clothing to order.  We do this for a few different reasons.  The first is that it allows us the create an experience that no one else can provide.  Every item you make a purchase, those items are being specially for you.  Custom made. Secondly, it allows us to take risks with product design.  We take pride in our designs and being a leader in trends, but that doesn't come without risk.  By making every item to order, if the design doesn't appeal to you, that's okay because we don't have any stock.  This brings us to our last reason and a very important reason.  Our process reduces waste and excess.  It's a big problem within the clothing industry.  The industry is trained to make as much product as possible and selling everything at all costs.  So not just manufacturing waste,but also waste and excess of finished goods that end up not having a purpose.

Speed allows us to manufacture with a purpose. A purpose of making a product that will last and most importantly enjoyed.


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