Here’s the 411. The Fabric 101. The non-confusing way to understand fit and feel.

We’ve broken down some of our most commonly used fabrics across our collection so that you can shop by what works best for you!
90% nylon 10% spandex
Feel: Thick & soft to touch. You will feel held in and covered because of the moderate compression.
Upluxe Collection

Barely There FABRIC
82% nylon 18% spandex
Feel: Light weight, stretchy, but tight knit. This fabric is magical and has quickly become our best selling fabric. It is soft and light weight while being tight knit and not see through. The name of this fabric says it will give you that naked-barely there feel.
Barely There Collection

80% nylon 20% spandex
Feel: Lightweight & Silky. Significantly lighter feel then Upluxe styles. More springy stretch with light compression.
Liquid Collection

90% polyester 10% spandex
Feel: The name says it all. Fabric so soft you have to feel it to believe it. A medium weight fabric with drapes well over the body. Not stiff, but not to breezy. This fabric is cozy and comfy.
Touch Collection

82% nylon 18% spandex
Feel: Light - Moderate compression with a slippery smooth feel.
Focus Fit Collection


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Shopping online is confusing. We get it. Two styles look the same, but when you get them in the mail they feel totally different. URGH!

Almost all athletic material these days is made out of the same stuff; Nylon, Spandex, Polyester, etc. But, why does it say online that its fabric content is the same when it looks, feels, and fits differently? (seriously, wtf?) Well, we’re here to educate you on that!

So, whether you're a hot yogi, or not, like super thick leggings or prefer super lighweight, whether you are highly active or just like to chill, you can still get the perfect legging when you know what to look for..

Now, not to get too techie on you, we’ve quickly outlined the basics. Don’t lose us here, we promise, it’s brief! 

  • Nylon, spandex and polyester are all fibers that get weaved or knitted together to create the fabric. The method of which these fabrics are constructed contributes to how it will feel in the end.
  • Additionally, fabric can be made into different weights. That’s why you can have a light and breezy tank top and thick yoga pants with the same fabric content.. Think about braiding your hair… you can have a loose fishtail braid or a extremely tight french braid. Same hair, different look and texture.
  • And lastly, just as fabric can be constructed in different ways, it can also be finished in different ways - making yet another way fabric SEEMS the same on paper, but is WAY different in real life. 



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  • Mike


    I just discovered you website. It looks like you have some great offerings, and I have a couple of questions.
    1. What is the content of your tencel fabric, as in your tencel t shirts?
    2. What are the inseam and leg opening measurements of your men’s Broga and Rise shorts?

    Thank you.

  • Christen

    I purchased a back to basics men’s tee shirt a few years ago for my brother. He loves it and is looking for another one. I see that there isn’t a back to basics shirt anymore, but is there something that is similar? Thank you!

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