Ambassador Highlight: Selena Hennessey!

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Selena has been an ambassador for GTS for three years and has been an avid supporter for even longer! Selena opens up about how she started yoga and how it changed her life!
Hello friends! My name is Selena Hennessey and I live in the beauty that is Northern California! I am a yoga teacher and student who is very passionate about the outdoors and sustainability! I spend my time creating, whether that be in the form on new yoga flows, wire wrapping jewelry, drawing, sewing or other things of the sort! My dog, Luna, is my best friend and we enjoy anything having to do with nature- hiking, backpacking, camping, and have a (probably too large) collection of indoor plants! I have been an ambassador with GTS clothing and loving it for 3 years now!


How’d you get into yoga?

My first ever yoga class was through my high school as a alternative to PE, and honestly I didn’t really enjoy it at the time, but of course stuck with it for the rest of the school year. I didn’t start loving and getting into my own yoga practice until my freshman year of college (5 years ago) where i would take classes at my school gym. This is where my passion for yoga first started, I then started taking classes for units at my college and ended up taking Intermediate yoga for 5 semesters just for the fun of it! Summer of 2018 is when i drove down to Santa Barbara, California to get my 200 hr Yoga Teaching Certificate through White Lotus Yoga Foundation! This was one of the best experiences of my life and not only did i gain an insane amount of knowledge about teaching and yoga in general, but it really sparked that joy again and got me very excited to start teaching! I am currently working at my college’s gym teaching yoga classes in the same room that once sparked my passion (funny how things circle back like that yeah?) and hope after I graduate college this spring to continue to teach at local studios and gyms!

What have you gained from your yoga practices?

    I could go on and on forever about what I have gained from both my own yoga practice as well as teaching it to others. The first thing that comes to mind for me is helping with my mental illnesses- I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and social anxiety disorder and I can honestly say that yoga is a huge reason I have been able to learn how to live and thrive with both of these things in a healthy way! Yoga is somewhere I can go when I am stressed, it has caused me to spend a lot of time working on being able to control and use my breath as a tactic to help with anxiety, or help me fall to sleep. Yoga has also helped me learn to love my body and all of the incredible things it is capable of doing- as well as teaching me that if I put my all into something and work for it that i can achieve it.

    In what ways do you take the consciousness from the mat and apply it to every day life?

      Yoga isn’t just about a physical practice, it is a way of living and going about life in a mindful way. This can be anything from remembering to sit up straight or walk with good posture, to taking deep breaths in stressful situations, to just being aware and full of love in your everyday life by spreading kindness, being aware of your impacts on this earth and the others living in it. Ever since I seriously started yoga my view on life and how to treat both myself and everything around me in a gentle and mindful way.

      What are your favorite GTS leggings to practice yoga in? 

        I have always been someone who cares a lot about finding and supporting brands that i like and stand behind. Ever since I first came across GTS Clothing and bought my first pair of leggings (Your Om Way leggings in black) I have been hooked on the brand due to the high quality, the fit, and of course what the company stands for. 95% of the leggings and yoga/workout tops in my closet are GTS Clothing and so picking just one pair of leggings as my favorite would be too hard. Narrowing it down to 4 of them it would have to be my maroon Apex, my green Perfect Fit, my black Your Om Way, or my black Barely There leggings!

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