Got Goals? Here's What Our Ambassadors Are Working Towards

Along the journey we're constantly setting goals - both consciously and subconsciously and both micro and macro. Goals are often personal and it can be difficult to break through and share your vision and struggles with others. Here's a compilation of what some of our Ambassadors are working towards over the next three years, and if your goals align, connect on Instagram and see how they're crushing goals to keep their journey moving forward.

Faith Ellis, @faithengen101

To complete my personal training certification and build up my personal training business and social media in order to help as many people as I can and change their lives. Over the next 3 years I hope to gain success and fulfillment through this.

Michelle Richards, @chelleannyoga

My goal over the next three years is to build up my yoga business by gaining more corporate and private clients as well as building more of a following in my local community so I can hopefully transition out of my full time corporate gig one day. I'd love to be able to do this so I can put ALL of my time and energy into my passion of health and wellness and help others create a more fulfilling and happy life for themselves that they can enjoy every single day. 💛

Mae Ahern, @soundinadarkroom

Get a steady, professional aerial job so I can do what I love while working on stating a nonprofit that will bring programs that promote positive body image and self esteem to young girls.



Kennedy Wilkinson, @kennedywilkinson

Lead Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world 😍

Courtney Haney, @courthaney

Ultimately I'd like to teach five regular yoga classes a week (I currently teach 2, sometimes 3). I'd also like to get a special trauma yoga certification so I can teach yoga at local prisons.

Chelsea Beattie, @chelsbeattie

My goal for the next three years is to establish my yoga teaching career. As of right now, its just something I'm doing on the side, but would love to be able to quit my day job and teach full time. Both myself and my sister in law went through yoga teachers training together and we would love to be able to open up our own yoga studio with our family, and be able to host and lead yoga teacher training. In addition to my career goals, my husband and myself hope to start a family within the next couple year. 

Delaney Forgette, @delaneyforgette

My goal for the next 3 years is to graduate from college next semester,and travel to all the national parks with my boyfriend in a camper van. We plan to settle down in Colorado after our travels, and I hope to become a yoga instructor, and then open my own little yoga shop with a cafe attached with all homemade food. My dream is to grow a garden that is big enough to feed myself and to also contribute to my cafe as well! 😊



Zachary Taylor, @z.tay22

My goal over the next 3 years is to successfully complete the Athletic Training Degree, graduating at the top of my class, and getting either a job or internship with a professional football team. All while continuing to improve myself, my body, and my clients through health, fitness, and nutrition.

Tierra Briscoe, @yogi.tb

My number one goal is to continue my yoga practice and growth in experience as an instructor, building clientele and one day being able to leave the government full time (just got my cert); working with survivors of human sex trafficking by creating a safe space for them through trauma yoga and outreach... (getting law degree as well joining human trafficking task force!!)

Brianna Duda, @okieyogi

My goal over the next three years is to graduate college, earn my yoga teacher certification, and keep up and build my social media to inspire others to add yoga into their lives. I want to be proud of my success during the next three years.



Sandie Gore, @sandiegore

My goals over the next three years are to get my yoga studio up and running, and get 500 hour and aerial yoga certified!

Kimber Lew, @girlwiththemalatattoo

My goal for the next 3 years is to learn how to embrace change -- in living situations, environments, friendships, plans, etc. I've historically been really thrown off by change, but I've learned that change can often render you a more complex and interesting person with a richer life. Plus, the only constant in life is change! Gotta stop being afraid of it and instead use it as a tool for personal growth.

Rebecca Kemmeries, @aerialyogi

My goal for the next 3 years is to continue to grow. I would love to go from preparing to start teaching silks weekly to teaching part time and getting my aerial instructor certification. I also am continuing my yoga journey through the aerial studio and I hope to be selling homemade herbal salves/natural body sprays/herbal yoga mat cleaners/etc at the studio as well as online

Paige Williams, @yogapraise

My goal over the next 3 years is to take big steps in my yoga career. I want to be teaching in my own yoga studio that also has a cafe space for a juice bar and/or coffee shop. I also want to continue with my yoga training - I want to complete the YogaFaith certifications for trauma sensitive yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation and Nidra.



Annie Sager, @annes05

Professional #1 goal in the next 3 Years: Pass my professional engineering exams! Personal #1 goal: Keep consistently making it to barre class 4+ days a week! 

Alexa D’Orazio, @yogabyalexa

My #1 goal is to stop working at my 9-5 job and make a full living off teaching fitness! I'm getting there but it's a process

Noel Niemi, @noelniemi

More road trips in our VW wagon!

Ashley Stuver, @ashley_stuver

My goal for the next three years is to help women feel empowered and strong through one-on-one sessions both in personal training and in yoga. I want to teach a consistent yoga schedule and deepen my personal practice, so I can get my 500-HR in Greece.

Ashley Armstrong, @breastcanceryogi

Beat cancer, stick a handstand. 👍🏻

Jordyn Herd, @theloudieproject

My goal for the next three years is to nurture and grow our safe space community. My friends and I have a dwelling and in the next three years I'd like to see it flourish with different ways of educating and supporting our local community. Personally I'd like to grow my teaching and pursue more bodywork education so I can take this knowledge and share it with others. Overall teaching children and adults alike how to care for themselves is what I want to happen in the next 3 years!


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