The Wanderlust Festival

by Lauren Londono 


On July 19th, 20th and 21st I went to Wanderlust Squaw Valley in North Lake Tahoe. I went to the event on a free ticket that I received on a scholarship which was really awesome because I've been wanting to do this yoga festival for many years now. 


My favorite part about this weekend was seeing so many types of yoga and how yoga is integrated in so many different practices. However one of my favorite memories from that yoga festival was going to a speakeasy called the Illusion of Money, it was eye-opening and much needed for me. Another memory that I cherish is doing a meditation sound bath,there were so many songs and instruments that were played during the hour long meditation.


I especially loved wearing all of my GTS yoga leggings and sports bras there because they were very comfortable. The days were long, so I needed comfortable leggings.

Overall I really hope to go again next year because it was really awesome to reflect and to meditate and do yoga and just learned so much. Also it was really awesome that I was able to go with my mom to this yoga festival and a close friend. I think going with people you love and care about make all the difference. 


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