Ego and Intuition: who is who?

by Hannah Nichols 
As our world continues its evolutionary journey, we enter this new phase where we are, “waking up,” but what does that mean?
With the dawn of 2019, we started hearing this phrase in different spiritual gurus and enthusiasts around the world. Maybe some of us started to feel it, too. Did you feel a shift? Did you feel that 2018 was a sort of, “tying the shoelace,” and now we are ready to move on and take our first steps?
Well, I believe part of this awakening is us reconnecting to our intuitions. We’re coming out of a time of Newtonian science and moving toward the Quantum level. We’re coming out of an age of logic and moving into a space of intuitive decision-making. But how can you differentiation what is what?
We are all made up of three parts; mind, body and spirit. The mind in us is where our logic lies. Its where we solve problems and equations. Its where we rationalize. Our bodies are where our emotions lie. Have you ever been so upset that you became physically sick? Yeah, me too. We’re even discovering how past emotional trauma is stored in our fascia! The body is an amazing record-keeper of our lives! And then, there is the spirit. Perhaps the most vague of the three, it appears this way because we are so used to solving problems logically. But the spirit isn’t a logical thing at all, it is intuitive. This is where the intuition lives.
Our spirit and intuition is the part of us that is connected to the greater energy of the universe. It doesn’t know emotions like fear, anger, jealousy…these live with the ego. Our intuition only feels emotions like love, peace, joy, etc. You may have noticed while reading those emotions that your body reacted a certain way. Maybe your muscles gripped up while reading the word, “anger.” Maybe you started to heat up while reading, “jealousy.” And maybe while reading the word, “love,” a smile came to your lips! Maybe you felt a calm sense of resolve during, “peace.” These are all clues as to how we can distinguish ego from intuition.
Your ego always thinks about things from a safety point of view. It is trying to keep you safe, whether that means literally protecting you from a car crash, or trying to subconsciously sabotage a good relationship by cheating on your significant other because you’re afraid of being hurt by them later down the road. It is normal, AND it is insane.
Your ego feels all negative emotions because it is afraid of one thing or another. So next time you feel a negative thing rising inside of you, ask yourself: “What is my ego afraid of here? And how can I show it love and compassion?”
So this leads us to the second part; the intuition. The intuition is always loving and peaceful. Always. Even in the hardest, most horrible times. So you can just know any time you don’t feel loving, calm and expansive, that’s your ego. It can be good and bad! But every time you feel your ego creeping in, stop. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Send your awareness down into your body. Notice: how do you feel in your body? Ask yourself: how can I find peace? The more you ask, the more answers will come. And the more you repeat this process, the less you’ll have to stop to ask. Peaceful resolutions will start to appear miraculously!
I was shown the prime example of this this weekend, when my flight to a yoga retreat in Morocco was delayed, causing me to miss my connecting flight. I couldn’t fly out until the next day, meaning I was missing the first two days of this magical retreat, and part of the third day. Egoic me wanted to cuss out the airport workers and demand to be rebooked/refunded. But my intuition quickly reminded me that there is magic in every situation, and I only need look for the magic. I then proceeded to meet two amazing new friends, stay at a beautiful hotel in Madrid, and eat one of the best breakfast buffets I’d ever had. All for free!
Thanks, intuition!

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