Ambassador Highlight: Sarah Hetzer

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Sarah is a spin instructor, wife, mom, career woman, and loves GTS! Learn about how Sarah juggles her busy lifestyle while staying active and healthy! 
I’m a wife, mother to an amazing 8 year old son and a dog lover. After graduating from college in 2001, I started my career as a paralegal in the fast paced legal field. Working long hours in a demanding job, I was looking for workouts that would be fun, intense and fit into my busy schedule. Several years ago, I was also diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which causes a lot of joint inflammation and joint pain throughout my body. To cope with daily discomfort of my disease and the stress of life as a career woman, wife and mother, it became necessary for me to lead an active lifestyle. After trying several fitness programs, I found exactly what I was looking for at The Revolution and quickly became hooked on indoor cycling (a/k/a “Spin”). Today, I am an instructor at The Revolution and instruct 5+ classes a week in all 3 of The Revolution’s studios (Albany, Loudonville and Clifton Park).

What sparked your interest in spin and what made you become a spin instructor?

I fell in love with indoor cycling/spin and loved how motivating and influential The Revolution’s instructions were to me. I thought that instructing would be an amazing opportunity to do something that I love and potentially have a positive impact on others. As a busy wife, mother and career woman, I think it is important to find an outlet, something that you love, something that motivates you, something that is healthy… for me, that outlet is indoor cycling/spin.

What have you gained from teaching spin?

Since becoming an indoor cycling/spin instructor, I have come out of my comfort zone, I’ve pushed my personal fitness level, I have become more outgoing and I have made the most amazing friendships along the way. The most rewarding aspect of instructing is definitely watching others on their personal fitness journeys… I’ve seen people triumph and I’ve seen them fail; I’ve cheered with them and I’ve cried with them. The riders in my classes motivate me to be the best instructor and person that I can be each and every day. Instructing has been a life changing experience for me and I am forever grateful to The Revolution for allowing me to do something that I love.

What other types of workouts do you like to do?

When I’m not instructing an indoor cycling/spin class, I enjoy yoga, barre, strength training, running, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, scuba diving and kayaking.

How do you maintain your workout routine during your busy day to day schedule?

It can defiantly be a challenge to get workouts when life gets busy. I choose to make working out a daily priority for overall health and wellness. I find that when I work out regularly, I’m a better friend, employee, wife and mother. One tip that works for me - if pre-schedule my exercise classes and I reserve the time in my calendar, I’m more likely to get the workout in. Although I’m not a morning person, I find that it is easier to work out early in the morning before my family wakes up. If I can’t carve out time to workout on my own, I often practice yoga or run with my son. By including my son in my workouts, I feel like I am leading by example, teaching my son to value his health, plus we are spending time together.


What are your favorite GTS products to wear while sweating it out?

I truly love all GTS products and I incorporate them into every workout and in my daily life! For indoor cycling, I like the compression of the Focus Fit and the Upluxe fabric (the Riptide leggings are a favorite of mine because they are edgy and fun). For yoga, I love the perfect fit yoga pants. And, for everyday wear, I like the Barely There leggings. The Infinity Crop Top is hands down my favorite GTS top – I own a top in every single color that GTS makes J. Of all of the leggings I’ve tried over the years, the GTS leggings are by far the best fitting, most comfortable and longest lasting! They are the only leggings that do not “roll down” during or after an intense workout. My favorite part is that GTS clothing is made in upstate NY when so many other manufacturers of athletic clothing are made overseas. 

What's Sarah Wearing?!

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Perfect Fit Yoga Pants in Heathered Gray 
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